Innovation is a major directive at companies worldwide. Everyone wants to know how to get more out of their efforts, to make good ideas cost less and last longer. But in these tough timesand as the global business landscape becomes increasingly complex and diverse we cant rely on the old formula that has sustained innovation efforts for decades: a mix of top-down policies, expensive RMittiCool, an affordable fridge made entirely of clay that consumes no electricity, is 100% biodegradable, and produces zero waste during its lifetime. Or Dr Sathya Jeganathan, a pediatrician in a rural hospital in southern India who teamed up with neonatal nurses and local electricians to develop a low-cost incubator that uses standard 100-watt light bulbs and is built with locally harvested wood. The minimalist design and easy-to-maintain device has cut infant mortality at her hospital in half.   The authors also share stories of large corporations from around the worldFacebook, 3M, Apple, Google, Best Buy, GE, IBM, Nokia, Procter that are actively practicing jugaad innovation. A groundbreaking book, Jugaad Innovation shows leaders everywhere why the time is right for jugaad to emerge as a powerful business tool in the Westand how to bring jugaad practices to their organizations.
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