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The Water Fasting Guide: How to Restore Your Body, Heal Yourself, Feel Better and Lose Weight with Water Fasting

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Water fasting is rapidly becoming a popular way to lose weight—if you’re confused about how it all works, this complete guide reveals the straight scoop!

“Humans simply can’t live more than three days without water!” is a commonly known fact—and one that makes most people pause for thought when considering a water fast as part of a weight loss regime.

The truth about water fasting is simple: if done correctly, it is a highly effective method of weight loss that also kick starts you body’s detoxification processes while enabling you to cub the debilitating effects of sugar cravings and other side-effects associated with a fast food diet!

This book is a comprehensive resource that answers all your questions about this ancient technique—and how you can use it to your benefit.

You’ll discover a variety of techniques and information that show you exactly how fasting works, as well as expert guidance on how to prepare for your fasting diet.

You’ll also get the complete lowdown on managing your water fast and the risks associated with it, showing you the science behind the diet and how you can ensure your water fast is safe, even as a beginner.

The benefits of reading this book include:

• Learning fasting for beginners

• Learning how long you can fast and how much weight you will lose (and how to keep it off)

• Understanding who should and should not water fast and how they should do it

• Learning the basics of water fasting for weight loss

• Step-by-step instructions of how to begin your fast and how to break your fast

• And much more!

If you are interested in the idea of a water fast, 40 pounds in 30 days weight loss, or simply just getting healthier, this is the book for you.

Order your copy today and get step-by-step instructions on water fasting for beginners and weight loss and enjoy a free BONUS FAQ that covers the top questions people have when learning how water fasting for weight loss works!
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