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Hunting Tips & Tricks

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So, you're interested in hunting but you've never done it and you don't know where to start. Well for starters, "Welcome" and relax it is not as daunting as you may think.|

It used to be that you knew when someone was going to be busy with hunting, as there was a definite season, but you may be surprised to learn that hunting has now become a four-season sport. There is no close season, it is always open season, for everything you want to hunt. Does this go against everything you know about hunting?

Read on to discover what I mean!

The Basics of Squirrel Hunting - Squirrel can be a challenging quarry even for the experienced hunter. Lightning fast and clever, a squirrel will leap from tree to tree and sit on the opposite side frustratingly out of sight as they chatter at you. Most squirrels you may never see at all as they scurry away before you get close or flatten themselves to their tree and wait for you to pass before taking refuge in their den.

The Role of Scents in Whitetail Deer Hunting - Hunters can be well knowledgeable of many deer hunting tactics, but those who don't consider it important to understand the role of scents in whitetail deer hunting, are doomed to season after season of frustration. This is an area that will make or break a hunter's season!

Black Bear Hunting - If you want to hunt down the black bears, you need to know the techniques and be aware of the natural habitat of the bears, the fondness for food, their characteristics. Professional assistance can help you to be a successful hunter.

Elk Hunting Tips - Learn about the most important tip you can ever get when it comes to elk hunting. You can't go on an elk hunt until you learn about this tip on elk hunting.

Why Choose a Guided Hunt If You Are a New Hunter? - If you are new to hunting game, a guided hunt is a good way to learn the sport.

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