Remington Kane

The Tanner Series - Books 28-30

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From REMINGTON KANE, the author of the Taken! series: The TANNER Series: Books 28-30.
Ultimate Assassin: A Tanner Novel, Book 28
Tanner’s latest target, Augustus Greer, has been deemed impossible to kill after numerous attempts on the man’s life ended in death for the assassins out to fulfill the contract.
When he’s at last offered the opportunity to kill Greer, Tanner accepts, despite knowing that doing so places his life on the line.
Can Tanner succeed where so many others have failed? If so, he’ll need to employ unusual tactics. In the end, Tanner will either have met his match or leave no doubt that he is the ultimate assassin.
Knight Time: A Tanner Novel, Book 29
Tanner reunites with Henry Knight after Henry, now 15, needs his help.
The stakes are high, and the authorities are involved. The police and the FBI have to play by the rules; Tanner doesn’t. And he plays in a whole other league.
Protector: A Tanner Novel, Book 30
Tanner seeks to keep his father-in-law alive after Warren Blake is targeted for death by a powerful client whose case he lost.
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