Vered Kaminsky

Two Worlds, One Child's Heart

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This is a true and exciting story about two children, two countries and one friendship.
"Zhao Yang was born in a great and mysterious country – China.
He lived there with his family, in all kinds of weather.
Shahar was born in a small and unique country – Israel.
He traveled to China with his parents to study, tour and enjoy. One day, they encountered each other on a street in China. Both were licking sweet, pink ice cream. They looked at each other silently and curiously, for not only did they not know each other, but they could see that they really did not look alike – they were so very different. They liked playing the same games, and they cried the same tears when saying goodbye, but they lived in worlds so far apart from each other, worlds in which children live who are so dissimilar and yet so very similar.
"Two Worlds, One Child’s Heart" was Nominated for DBW18 Award at the category Interactive Fiction.
This is a book describing friendship between children from different cultures. Even though seemingly they are different it turns out there are similarities. Gradually their friendship is interwoven between them and along that, we learn some Chinese. The beautiful drawings actually carry us to the Far East": Ran Yagil, "Maariv".
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