Victoria Williams

Proxima g

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A sci-fi short story serial, each 30 minute episode is perfect for a quick break from reality.
A frozen, lifeless rock 4.2 light years from our sun—humanity’s next home.
Sixty minutes before the frigid temperatures decimate their new chance at life.
The refugees of Earth depend on her success, but it’s her wife and son that keep her pushing forward.
Her partner is out of reach on the nearby moon, pitting Shannon alone in the race against time to repair the failed life-support system. With the transport ship on its way, it’s critical the passengers don’t arrive to a useless habitat that’s succumbed to the harshness of space. But there’s more to this situation than meets the eye, and with each step taken the mystery only deepens.
Can Shannon save this habitation dome, and the vital food supply growing inside, before it’s too late?

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Planet Earth is failing, and humanity spreads out into the universe looking desperately for any opportunity to start fresh. A harsh planet located in the Proxima Centauri star system, Proxima g is part of this last-ditch effort at saving the remnants of a civilization on the brink of extinction. Join a cast of characters spanning the far reaches of space and time in this serialized sci-fi adventure. Welcome to Proxima g.
Episode 2 coming Summer, 2021!

Meet the Author
Inspiration comes from all places, starting with the smallest details in the natural world and spreading out to the endless universe which surrounds us. In Victoria's work, you'll find influence from a broad spectrum of topics enriching the stories created within her fantasy worlds.
Besides her own self-published work, you can find Victoria’s stories in such places as Stone of Madness Press, Sienna Solstice Journal, and the Indie Voice Review.
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