Omar Johnson

How to Transform Yourself From Employee to Online Entrepreneur

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As a 9-5 employee you are trapped. You toil everyday working for someone else making them rich while you settle for the crumbs earning just enough to pay your bills and buy a gadget or two. You are like a hamster running in a wheel going nowhere fast. You realize this and you are seeking a change, not just any type of change, but a monumental one that will enable you to get your life back and will lead to financial freedom. You want to be an entrepreneur because this is the only sensible path to financial freedom and it puts you in the position of controlling your own destiny.

You heard about the many possibilities of making money online and you want to start an online business, but you don’t have a clue how to go about it. Plus, you have been an employee for so long how do you actually go about making that transition from being a person who thinks and acts like an employee to a person who thinks and acts like a full-fledged online entrepreneur? In his book entitled How To Transform Yourself From Employee To Online Entrepreneur serial entrepreneur Omar Johnson lays out the blueprint of how to start an online business from scratch and how to effectively transition yourself from being a person who has an employee mindset to one who has the mindset of an entrepreneur.
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