Neil Fiore

How to Conquer Test Anxiety and Achieve Higher Scores on Any Exam

Break free of the fears, the blanking out, and physical reactions that are keeping you from demonstrating your true ability and potential.

How to Conquer Test Anxiety shows you how to apply superior test-taking skills to lower stress and anxiety - before, during, and after a test. Topics include:

Use Your Pre-Test Studying to Build Your Confidence

Turn Stress into Success

Stop Procrastinating on Test Preparation

Get the Most Out of Your Mock Test Rehearsals

Focus on the Questions Rather Than Unproductive Worry

Commit to Doing Your Best During the Entire Test

Tap Into the Power of Your Brain's Subconscious Genius

Learn to apply the three essential qualities of peak performance in any field. Put into practice a few simple exercises and steps that awaken you to more of your brain power and give you the confidence to perform optimally under pressure.

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