Bill Rogers

Blockchain Basics + Bitcoin + Ethereum: 3 In 1 – A Complete Guide for Understanding the World of Cryptocurrency and the New Financial World

Unearth the World-Changing Secrets of Cryptocurrency...
*** 3 Audiobooks In 1 - Blockchain Basics, Bitcoin & Ethereum ***
** Blockchain Basics **
In this audiobook, you’ll find out what blockchains are, how we use them today, and their potential for changing the banking industry as we know it!
In simple, easy-to-understand language, this audiobook explains how blockchains can be used by public and private organizations. This technology will rock the financial world – and reach far beyond!
Some of the topics that'll be covered:
- What is a Blockchain?
- Understanding the Blockchain Technology
- Potential Uses for the Blockchain Technology
- Examples of Public and Private Blockchain Concepts
- 5 Blockchain Technology Myths
- And More...
** Bitcoin **
In this audiobook, you are going to learn everything that you have to know about Bitcoin and how it can benefit you.
Inside you will learn,
- Basic information about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
- Wallets that you can use and how to keep them secure
- How to use Bitcoins easier
- What mistakes other people do and how to avoid doing these
- Scams that you need to be aware of
- Answers to frequently asked questions
- And so much more!
You won’t regret grabbing a copy of this book because you will have enough information to start using Bitcoin like a pro!
** Ethereum **
In this audiobook, you’ll discover simple and actionable definitions for new terms like blockchain, gas, and ether. This comprehensive and easy-to-read guide provides everything you need to get started in this new world of finance...
Some of the topics that'll be covered inside:
- What Is Ethereum?
- Applications on Ethereum
- How to Use Ethereum to Build an Application
- How to Make Money With Ethereum
- And many more...
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