Raymond Sturgis

When A Black Man Cries..His Pain Runs Deep: The Highs and Lows of Being A Black Man

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No one can deny that black men throughout the world have made tremendous strides in education, science, politics, and economics. However, there are concerns that stymie the progress of millions of other black men dealing with marriage and relationships problems, joblessness and hopelessness. Many black men go to bed at night wondering if the world is going to continue holding two strikes against them as they try to support their children and families. When a Black Man Cries, is a book where black men discuss valid concerns of the struggles in their lives, and how they found the strength through their tears to overcome them. Weakness does not exist in a black man that cries, as When a Black Man Cries will illustrate, that these strong black men are fighting against forces that are sometimes more determined to defeat them.

In this book, many black men failed and succeeded, while other black men could not find the strength to overcome the problems that impede their roads to recovery.
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