Patrick Schneeweis

Folk Punk, literary style

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There are artists out there able to lift the spirits of the downtrodden, who point towards a better world with all they are. Sometimes, they do this in DIY punk style: raw, unplugged, and deeply human.
Patrick Schneeweis, better known as Pat the Bunny, is an artist who chose the road less travelled, instinctively deeming it more honest and less controlling. Freer. He grew up in Vermont, where he found people liked his voice and the controversial topics he tackled, and by 16 years old, he had released his first album ‘Fire Hazard’.
Pat had the courage to test his reality, and then nakedly vocalise it (in both the metaphorical and literal senses). His lyrics saw conflicting ideologies meet and fight to the death, in outlooks that were as captivating as his personal anecdotes were relatable.  Pat’s journey offers direction to the lost, if only in the promise that so is he; and for all his youthful anarchism and burn-it-to-the-ground spiritedness, his commentary of the world is ironically sobering.
Pat’s music career only spanned thirteen years, from 2003-2016. He reincarnated several times in different bands of his own making, and split albums with other folk-punk artists equally hungry to change the world. He fought like hell for a vision of peace, and made the battlegrounds his own state of consciousness.
Like a flashfire burning everything in its wake, towards the end of his career, Pat’s had simmered down, but shoots of new life had sprung up from the ashes, a new direction in which his life could take.
This book paints the picture of Pat’s fallings and risings, a final cadence before he left the punk scene behind him for good.
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