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Sugar Detox Diet

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Sugar Detox Diet: The Essential Guide on How to Overcome Sugar Cravings so You Can Lose Weight, Improve Your Health and Feel Better
It’s no secret that governments all over the world are starting to crack down on sugar. They are passing taxes on sugary drinks and snacks, banning them from schools, and more treatment programs are becoming open to people who believe they are addicted to sugar. And sometimes, people don’t even realize how much sugar they consume because some are hidden quite well. There are many reasons why sugar is bad for your health and it doesn’t just affect your health, it can affect other areas in your life as well. High sugar levels can cause be
If you really want to rid yourself of sugar cravings, lose weight and get healthier, a good way to do it is to avoid added sugars. This audiobook will teach you all the information on sugar, the different kinds and the places where sugar hides. You will also learn how to stop your sugar cravings so you can cut back and start living a healthier life.
This audiobook will cover the following topics:
The Different Types of SugarReasons Sugar Is Bad for YouThe Surprising Places Sugar HidesHow Much Sugar Is Too Much?Are You Addicted to Sugar?Tips for Breaking Your Sugar HabitHow to Fight Sugar Addiction Withdrawal SymptomsRecipe Ideas to Keep Your Sugar Cravings at BayAnd many more!Remember, sugar that is found naturally in plants that you eat is usually okay, although you should try to limit super-sweet fruit like dried fruits and dates.
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