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Mind Hacking is not just about thought; it is about learning about our thoughts (a concept known as metacognition) through meta-thinking. By doing so, we can "hack back into our minds and rewrite the code," depending on what we want to do in education, work, ties, life. Mind Hacking is a way to fix trouble thoughts and excel in the goals you set. There are three key steps to hack the mind, be mindful of what you're doing, pick new thoughts to replace the problem thoughts, and eventually delete certain thoughts that will be widely discussed in this novel.
The book gives insight onUnderstanding mind hackingHow the brain worksHow to trade toxic beliefsPhases of the brainHow to imagineReprogrammingRetrain your mindHow our mind is loopyHow to make a habit of positivityThe book will explain to you how the brain is a frighteningly dynamic information-processing system that often eludes our comprehension capacity. The brain gathers extracts and analyzes information at any given time and, in turn, executes myriad complex procedures, some of which are automated, some voluntary, some conscious, and some unconscious. Mind Hacking shows you how to reprogram your mindsets such as reprogramming a machine to provide you with increased mental performance and satisfaction.
You will understand the concepts of objects and their actual size plays an enigmatic role in depth perception. If we look at an object, we recall memories of its scale, form, and design. Then the mind applies this image to what we see, using a scale to calculate the distance. However, how sometimes that this quick-and-dirty analogy can trip us, particularly when we experience something unfamiliar. Bruce Goldstein, a psychologist, provides a psychological description of an anthropologist who encountered an African bushman living in dense rainforest.
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Jeff Sundberg


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