Mike Cullinan

Business Management and Development

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Running a successful business is an achievement that many people never realize. How is it that some people struggle to manage a business, but to some, it almost seems like they always know the right thing to do? We have seen many promising small businesses collapse in a few months, yet others have grown into large enterprises. These are businesses that both operate in the same environment, yet not all of them make it. If you have ever wanted to start a business, this is the book for you.

Businesses succeed or fail because of action or lack of action by different parties from time to time. Once you start a small business, there are endless opportunities for growth that you can seize. You must be actively involved in the business and learn how to respond to challenges as they arise. Small businesses might seem like the easiest to manage, but considering in most cases the owner is responsible for all the decisions, they can be the most difficult to manage.
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