Christopher G. Seventh

Google Voice: The Ultimate Guide to Making Calls With Google Voice VOIP For Both Business and Personal Use

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“I like the privacy of my life and I protect it quite vigilantly”
~Nicole Kidman
Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as the United States and international call termination for Google Account customers in the U.S. and Canada. It is free to select a phone number and you have the ability to forward this number to your regular phone number.
The advantages of using a Google Voice account is the ability to change the number anytime. Also, it allows you to give your Google Voice number to the public without giving out your personal phone number.
Google Voice is a must have in the dating and business world. It provides an anonymous and safe number that can easily be distributed. It provides an extra layer of security. This audiobook provides an in-depth detail of how to set up an account, select a phone number that is in your area code, and how to check your messages online.  
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