Jules Verne,Sidney Kravitz

The Mysterious Island

First audiobook of this new, unabridged translation of one of Verne's best-known novels.
The Mysterious Island was published in 1874, and it is one of Verne's longest novels. The plot depicts a group of men who have become castaways stranded on an island in the Pacific during the American Civil War. The novel describes their attempts not only to survive but also, with the aid of the scientific and technological know-how, to rebuild their world from the meager resources of the island. At the end, however, it is realized that Captain Nemo, from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, has secretly been helping the settlers. A marvelous adventure story, The Mysterious Island is also notable for its modern retelling of the utopian deserted-island myth, with repeated echoes of Robinson Crusoe and the Swiss Family Robinson. This edition features notes, appendices and an introduction by Verne scholar William Butcher.
Jules Verne (1828–1905) was the first author to popularize the literary genre of science fiction. Thomas A. "Tad" Davis is a long-time member of the North American Jules Verne Society. He has an MFA in Theatre from Temple University and has studied narration with Patrick Fraley and others.
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