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Greetings fellow homebodies! This week Tess, Molly and Emily spend some time delving into our nightmarish techno-feudalist world. Where are the billionaires now? How do you shop for food ethically right now when the options are all bad? How are we, if not keeping sane exactly, at least muddling through? Some of us enjoyed watching Netflix's Tiger King, and some of us did not. A fun back and forth about ethics in documentary filmmaking, private zoos, and whether Joe Exotic is a Tony Soprano for our times. Then it's the conclusion of Spring Break March and the weirdest spring break in history with Magic Mike XXL, the Gregory Jacobs directed sequel to Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike. Male objectification, Channing Tatum's career, Joe Manganiello's Backstreet Boys number, and how these movies quietly and expertly reinvented the movie musical for a new era without being annoying or twee about it. Escape on a mind vacation with Night Call, today!


Instacart Strike

How long can coronavirus survive on surfaces/in air?

LA's Stay at Home Order

Runyon canyon shutdown

Darcie in Times Square

Tokyo Rescheduling Olympics

Brigitte Bardot's Racism

It's Always Fair Weather

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Night Call



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104: Tiger King XXL, iHeartRadio
104: Tiger King XXL
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