Lois D. Robinson

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditations by Lois D. Robinson
Invest in your Self!
Learn the best practices that help improve your emotions, inner thoughts and bodily sensations!
With this 2 in 1 Guided Mindfulness Meditations, you will inevitably cultivate a systematic method of focusing your attention and improving your physical and emotional wellbeing. It provides clear instructions on mind capacity development and offers step by step guide that will teach you how to stay longer in the present and fully participate in your daily activities.
Guided Mindfulness Meditations is a must have if you have decided to unleash your natural curiosity about the workings of the mind and approach your situations with warmth and kindness. Lois Robinson provides engaging contents and thorough analysis of various categories of guided mindfulness meditation. This fascinating book will make you see mindfulness and meditation as an effective tool in dealing with stress, anxiety and several other illnesses.
More of what you will find out in this book includes:
·       Easy to follow mindfulness meditation practice.
·       Benefits of guided mindfulness meditation and the different types of meditation and mindfulness exercises.
·       Instructions on resilience and awareness that help you discover how to ride life’s ups and downs and live happier and healthier.
There is no better detailed and more articulated text on guided mindfulness meditation than this comprehensive two books packaged in one.
Trust me, this is not one of those books you see flying around in stores, its uniqueness in sensitizing readers is second to none.
Invest wisely in your SELF!
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