Arthur Waley

170 Chinese Poems | More Translations From The Chinese

Includes classical illustrations and paintings of the poets.
A selection of the very best of chinese poetry over the course of a thousand years, from 100 years before Christ was born up of the middle ages. Arthur Waley's translations of Chinese poetry are still the benchmark by which such translations are held, nearly two hundred years after he introduced the west to the wonder of classical Chinese poetry.
Includes poems by:
AltunFu HsüanCh‘U YüanCh’ēn Tzŭ-AngCh’ēng-Kung SuiCh’ien Wēn-TiCh’in ChiaCh’ü YüanChan Fang-ShēngChang TsaiChi K’angHsieh T’iaoHsü LingLi Fu-JēnLi PoLiu Hsün’s WifeLu YuLu YünMiu HsiOu-Yang HsiuPao ChaoPo Chü-IPo Hsing-ChienSu Tung-P’oSung YüT’ao Ch’ienTao-YünTs’ao ChihTs’ao SungTsang ChihTso SsŭTzŭ-YehWang ChiWang ChienWang WeiWei Wēn-TiWu-TiYüan ChenYüan ChiehYüan-Ti
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