Harita Patel

Beginner Meditations Bundle

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Been wanting to try meditation but feel intimidated? With a come-as-you-are approach, this program will guide you step by step through this important habit. Meditation offers a lifetime of benefits without taking a lot of your time and energy.

This program has been designed to take the guesswork out of meditation and open the door to a lifetime of mindfulness.

This program can help you:

Practice mindfulness
Increase your inner peace
Feel more effortlessly relaxed

The audiobook includes:

Chapters one and two: Two daytime meditations. Listen with your eyes closed.
Chapters three to six: Powerful affirmations. Listen during any part of the day or evening.
Chapters seven and eight: Listen to these nightly subliminal affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

Become the peaceful and in-the-moment person you have always wanted to be. Learn to ground yourself, trust your body and let your breath guide you to calm.
Harita Patel
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