Mack Reynolds,Winston Marks,John Davis,Russ Winterbotham,James McKimmey Jr.,Malcolm B. Morehart Jr.,Richard Magruder

Space, Aliens and More!

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Space, Aliens and More! Seven Lost Sci-Fi short stories from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Death Star by James McKimmy Jr. For twenty long years Hurtz dreamed of retirement and found his "acre of heaven" on a Death Star.
The Martians and The Coys written by Mack Reynolds Lem didn't like guarding the still while Paw and the boys went feuding. He wanted to get a shot at some Martins too! Yup, he sure did...
And All The Girls Were Nude by Richard Magruder Nathanial Evergood was an eccentric old man with a photographic passion for pretty girls! So he invented a camera lens for special effects And All The Girls Were Nude.
Never Gut-Shoot A Wampus by Winston Marks An interstellar hunting trip with Major Daphne could teach a man a number of lessons. Like being kind to fellow human beings, or Never Gut-shoot A Wampus!
Three Spacemen Left To Die by Russ Winterbotham  Disease contaminated their ship; any moment one of them might become infected and spray lethal sparks to the others. There was no cure—except prevention. And that meantThree Spacemen Left To Die!
Leave Earthmen or Die! written by John Massie Davis Murph, Forsyth, and Jamison heard the alien voice warn them. And to each it sounded familiar—a sweetheart, a son, a hated enemy!
The Fugitives written by Malcolm B. Morehart Jr. Somehow Jeff Engel followed the stranger into another world—among people who hated all aliens. And of course, he was now one himself!
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