The Chambers of Lenore

The police prepare to storm the Chambers of Lenore, a haven for human traffickers, black-marketeers, and artifact smugglers. On board is Judge White's little girl. Who will protect her during the raid? Marshal Gram the Teak Marshal, that's who, and you will never guess how it ends.

Judge White's little girl runs away from home. Six months later, someone sees her aboard the Chambers of Lenore. The ship follows the asteroid fleet; it supports the miners, but it also has ties to the black-market, artifacts smuggling, and human trafficking.
Judge White knows that, and he realizes how well protected the organization is. Still, he will do anything to save his daughter. He put together a task force to raid the Lenore, but what about his little girl? Who will protect her?
Marshal Matthew Gramlin, Gram to his friends, he will protect her. He's a Trek Marshal, and Trek Marshalls have a motto, one Death Star-one Trek Marshal. He boards the Lenore prepared to protect her from harm, no matter what.
Learn what happens next in The Chambers of Lenore.
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Herb Jones


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