James Allen,Rhonda Swan,Massimo Gill

Focus on What Matters

Are you tired of feeling powerless?
Do you worry all the time? Have you been trying to force things that never seem to work out right in the end? Do you spend too much of your time concerned with what is going on outside of you, and trying to control your circumstances? Do you find yourself wishing for more peace, more action, more happiness, more fulfillment, and more purpose in your life?
If this sounds like you, then keep reading!

Stoicism: Daily Stoic Practices Using Mindfulness & Silence
Some of what you will learn in Stoicism includes:
The only two things that you can control in your life, and how you can use them.How to use stoicism to navigate various emotions and conflict.How you can cultivate a greater sense of calmness within yourself.Grit: An Unbreakable Mindset
Why being gritty and being stubborn are distinct – and how to tell the difference.How grit and talent are related, and how to lean into your natural talents fully.The ways that passions and interest matter with grit, and how to discover your purpose with it.Indistractable: Master Your Focus
What you can do to recognize that focus will dictate productivity every time.How to set goals and stick to them to help yourself to succeed.The importance of scheduling and fine-tuning that schedule in ways that work for you.
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