Stephen King,Swami Satyapriya

Part 2 of The Ultimate Book on Yoga

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This part provides some important insights into the working of our brain from neuroscience perspective. Neuroscience views mind as 'brain in action'. Understanding of the brain is important to have a better grasp of how Yoga works by modulating our mind.Overview of "The Ultimate book on Yoga"In this highly insightful book, the author gives a thorough re-look into the actual underlying principles of Yoga and presents Yoga in terms of simple, practicable, down-to-earth instructions, free of mysticism, while analyzing each aspect scientifically,based on recent advancements in neuroscience.
Some of the aspects dealt by this book include
Let us know Yoga better
1. Brain science that helps in understanding Yoga (current part)
2. How to minimize stress?
3. How do Yoga postures improve health?
4. How to sharpen mental concentration?
5. How to meditate?
6. What happens in the final stages of Meditation?
7. Is there a mind beyond our brain?
8. What is the ultimate goal of Yoga?
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