L. David Harris

Worth My Time? 7 Lessons Grown Women Need Non-Committal Men to Learn With the Quickness

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I am a man! I suppose this is not news to you since you read my name on the cover of this book. However, what may be news to you or some of your friends is that we men often have a difficult time making commitments to those special women in our lives. That is why this book exists. It should serve as a wake up call to all unmarried men who have chosen to hang around women for long periods of time behaving like you are in a committed relationship, yet will not seal the deal.

There is some virtue that drew you to that special woman in your life, and if you continue to see that value in her, why not commit all that you are, and all that you have to her. This book is my attempt to sound an alarm for my brothers to love these women or leave them alone. Do not trifle with their hearts any longer. They are awakening to the fact that some will never come around, and are wearied by hopes that have been repeatedly dashed to the ground. Nobody’s saying you need to get married if you are not ready, but if she is, you have some real soul searching to do, and I hope this little book will help.

The chapter titles are each power statements to represent the mindset of some women who are ready for a commitment, or to move on with their lives – NOW.

Women are devoted creatures and might even play along for a while, hoping their man might see the light she is shining upon him. A mature man will open his eyes and peer into the light. He will let it penetrate his mind and heart. It will create the eternal bond, which will carry the happy couple to overwhelming happiness. The fact is that many women are patient to a fault. They convince themselves that they can work with guys who seem to be taking a bit longer to commit to marriage. So men, do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers due to a lack of courage or insecure feelings. Seize the moment your woman is granting you now and live a blissful life.
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