Mary Patricia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If you’ve never heard what it involves, you might approach it with trepidation, unsure of what to expect. Despite what a mouthful its name can be, cognitive behavioral therapy is a therapy with a surprisingly simple goal:
To help you overcome your worries, anxieties, depression, and any other mental health issues you might be plagued with.
The problem a lot of people face today is negative thoughts.
How do you overcome these unhelpful patterns of thinking that seem to have such a strong and powerful grip on your mind?
If knowledge is power, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the weapon you need to overcome your fear once and for all.
You will learn:
What CBT is and how it can helpStrategies to declutter your brain and eliminate negativity from your mindHow to organize your brainUnderstanding anxiety and the impact that it has on your lifeIdentifying the different types of depression and how to manage themHow to stop worryingHow to identify negative thoughts and what you can do to keep them at bayThe components of emotional intelligence and why it makes a difference Self-help behaviors to adopt CBT coping skills to help you reclaim your life and your freedom once again
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Mary Patricia


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