Robert Keiper

Voices of Liberty In Tribute to The American Revolution

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Voices of Liberty is a play for a single actor that was performed at Lincoln Center, Faneuil Hall in Boston and in tours across the country. A narrator introduces people from both sides of the American Revolution, and we learn what Liberty meant to them. Before the first shots were fired, Patrick Henry passionately defends the colonists right to stand against British tyranny. Then we share the first battle of the war with a British soldier as he yearns for something more valuable in his life. There’s a high-born British officer who thinks little of the colonists until he encounters them in conflict. We meet a colonial farmer volunteer who gives a detailed account of what happened at Bunker Hill and tells how that day taught him the meaning of freedom. General Washington’s aide describes the day he recruited a spy, and finally we discover how Nathan Hale’s last words became a beacon of hope to all in the colonies.
Robert Keiper


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