Grace Ennis

The Psychology Of Sexual Expression

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How have you chosen to express yourself sexually? Do you understand who you are as a sexual being? What does sex mean to you? If these are questions you have been asking yourself, you have stopped off at the right place because in this book you will find all the answers you are looking for.

We are living in a generation where sex is watched, bought, sold and glamorized but no one is talking about it. Teenage boys and girls are constantly bombarded with indirect messages of what sexuality means but they are not learning about the emotional and psychological ramifications behind being sexually active.

Pornography is rampant, with the advances in technology children as young as 12 are being exposed to graphic sexual images that have a lifelong effect on them by forever tainting their view on sex.

Pornography, sex addiction and infidelity are at an all time high. Homes and families are destroyed because people are completely ignorant about sexual psychology.

If you are tired of not getting the answers you need this book is going to be of great benefit to you, in it you will learn:

About human sexuality and how it has been shaped by society
How society encourages sexual freedom
The double standards related to sexual expression
Issues related to sexuality
How sexuality is addressed during therapy
The psychological aspects of pornography addiction

There is so much more inside this book, make a great decision today and purchase “The Psychology of Sexual Expression.”
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