James Allen,Rhonda Swan,Massimo Gil

Getting Things Done

Are you looking to better yourself?
Have you ever wondered whether your habits are good, or bad – and how you can distinguish between the two? Do you know what a set of good habits can really bring you? Have you ever wondered the best ways to turn bad habits around?
If any of this sounds like you, keep reading!
Humans are creatures of habit. Whether your habits are good or bad, are entirely dependent on you. Bad habits are much easier to deve lop as they typically consist of things like procrastination, scrolling on your phone or watching television at the most inopportune moments. However, if you were able to get rid of your bad habits and replace them with good ones – how many more goals do you think you would achieve? How much healthier would your lifestyle be?
The answer is probably, a lot.
This bundle will help you do just that. You will be taught everything from the science behind habits itself all the way to different techniques that you can use to build new habits. You will learn how to break old bad habits and to use modern and proven techniques to begin learning new ones. By implementing new and healthy habits in your life, you will begin to notice a positive change. Three authors here to lay out the facts for you – no-nonsense, no questions unanswered.
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