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Today I am joined by an incredible man who just so happens to be the youngest U.S Congressman. His name is Madison Cawthorn and he’s gained a ton of attention over the past several months for, first, his powerful speech at the Republican National Convention and, more recently, his floor speech on 2nd Amendment Rights.
Today, Congressman Cawthorn and I talk about how he views his disability (he is partially paralyzed from a crash he was in years ago) and his masculinity, what he feels is our civic duty to get involved in politics and important topics, the power of words and using them effectively to create change and hope, the danger of the fatherless home crisis we’re in, uncompromising values, and so much more…
Determining what’s worthy of attention  Getting involved in office Connecting issues to daily life Overcoming discouragement  Pushing for term limits Speaking to the American ethos What it means to be a man Supporting good policy The belief in yourself  Feeling completely useless  Taking care of your family  Having a network of guys Dropping out of college Proving your competence  Getting rid of the nuclear family   Equity Vs. Equality MADISON CAWTHORN
Gentlemen, my guest today is a man that likely needs no introduction for many of you. At 25, he is currently the youngest U.S. Congressman but, as we talk about in this conversation, he does not let that keep him from throwing himself into some of the most important (and polarizing) discussions in politics today.

What’s even more impressive is that in 2014, his life plans came to a halt as he found himself a survivor of a car accident that left him partially paralyzed. After scrapping his plans to attend the Naval Academy, he found his way into politics as a way to serve in spite of not being able to join the military.
Gentlemen, this was a very powerful conversation with a man who had a lot of reason to quit in life but has, instead, decided to make the most of his circumstances and become a force to be reckoned with.
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