Rhonda Swan,Tara Well,Lin Pen

Positive Psychology

Do you struggle with your emotions? Do you find that keeping your emotions stable and regular becomes a problem for you on a regular basis? Have you been searching for the mechanisms to get in control, but nothing seems to fit right, or stick?
If so, then keep reading…
The truth is, this is more common than you think: We all face emotional problems from time to time.
The good news is, balance is achievable!

Mindfulness for Anxiety: Using Meditation & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety DisordersHow to understand the signs of anxiety early on.Ways you can recognize the mental and physical signs of anxiety.Understanding the different types of anxiety disorders, the relationship between them, and how they’re diagnosed.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Negative Thinking, and DepressionIn-depth overviews of the most common mental health challenges, with a focus on anxiety and depression.What emotional triggers are, and how to identify them.How to break free from negative thoughts, and replace them automatically.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: DBT Guide to Managing Your Emotional Regulation, Distress, Anxiety, Depression, with MindfulnessInformation on the defining factors of DBT.The ways that you can change your thoughts by changing your behaviors.The most fundamental components to DBT, and the disorders it can treat.
Do not hesitate any longer. All you have to do is reach out and learn.
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