The Co-Ed Killer - 248 - Generation Why,

The Co-Ed Killer - 248 - Generation Why

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The Co-Ed Killer. Santa Cruz, California. In the early 1970's, Santa Cruz, California became the 'murder capital of the world' after several murderers left their mark on the area. One of them, a 6'9" 300lb man by the name of Edmund Kemper began his murderous career by killing his grandparents. After some time and treatment he was released only to begin killing again. This time, young college students seemed to become his targets and his obsession with decapitation and necrophilia meant that his crimes were horrific. Kemper blamed his mother for why he turned out the way that he did and eventually he set his sights on her in a final act of revenge. Was Kemper made a monster due to abuse by his mother? Or was Big Ed destined to become a serial killer no matter how he was raised?
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The Co-Ed Killer - 248 - Generation Why,
The Co-Ed Killer - 248 - Generation Why
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