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Mediterranean Diet Secrets

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Mediterranean Diet Secrets: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Mediterranean Diet, Discover How this Diet Can Help You Lose Weight and Transform Your Overall Health

Mediterranean diet mainly focuses on eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and olive oil. It is called the Mediterranean diet because the inspiration came from the type of diet the people in the Mediterranean eat. Researchers noted that the countries of Greece, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal have fewer deaths related to cardiovascular diseases that’s why the interest in the kind of diet they eat emerged. They also have a lower risk of many lifestyle-related types of diseases like type 2 diabetes and can help you lose weight as well.
In this audiobook, you will learn all about the Mediterranean diet. You will learn what kind of diet it is, its benefits, the food you can and cannot eat as well as recommendations when preparing your food. Here is a preview of the topics that you will learn in this audiobook: The Mediterranean Way of Life and Diet - The Role of Olive Oil in our Diet - What Foods Can You Eat - The Mediterranean Diet Breakfast - The Mediterranean Lunch - Healthy Mediterranean Diet Dinner Options - Healthy Snack Options and many more!
Mediterranean diet is one of the healthy eating plans that has been recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans that can promote health and prevention of chronic diseases. To learn more, download your copy of this audiobook today!
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