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Futanaris on Females

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When Adriana went to give her a complimentary breakfast in the morning, Lily asked her to stay and have breakfast with her. She was charming, confident, and as close to a perfect human being as Adriana could imagine. When she learned Adriana had a science background, she offered to introduce her to remote working and even put her in touch with some of her clients.
Thus began a beautiful friendship and Adriana really hoped Lily would consider staying with them for longer than the three months she originally came for, but their relationship took a weird turn one night. Adriana joined Lily for dinner as was becoming the norm and after the meal, Lily offered to open one of her newly acquired wine bottles. It was the weekend so Adriana didn't mind and they soon got cozy and slightly drunk. That's when Adriana asked Lily something she was thinking about for some time now.
“Lily, I might be stepping out of line for asking this but how does this lifestyle affect your love life? Don’t you have a serious boyfriend or something?”
Lily sighed before answering “No. I never found the right person…” there was something broken and bitter in her voice, then she resumed to her cheery-self “Maybe that’s why I am wandering from town to town, looking for the right person.”
Hellen Heels
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