Spencer Quinn

Hypnotherapy: The Most Important Things to Know about Hypnosis and the Benefits of Hypnotism

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3 Hypnosis books:
Book 1 - Hypnosis - When we speak of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), we talk about certain rituals and mindsets the brain should compose. When taken into consideration, hypnosis can tremendously add to a person’s will to break free from addiction, take matters into his/her own hands or make the necessary life changes they have been postponing for a long period of time.
Book 2 - Self-Hypnosis - With hypnosis being such a mysterious phenomenon, what about self-hypnosis? You’ll read more about these strange ways of controlling the mind, and all the techniques, myths, and lies that go with it. Truths versus Hollywood images are displayed and exposed. And you’ll get a fuller, deeper understanding of what hypnosis is and how you can apply it to yourself.
Book 3 - Hypnotherapy - Perhaps you’ve heard of it, or even considered it. Hypnotherapy can be harmless and has a lot of benefits. So many crazy myths evolve around what it is and what it does. But you won’t be left in the dark. In this concise guide, you will find everything you need to know about the powerful effects of hypnotherapy. What if you could solve problems related to stress, weight loss, or pain without expensive medication, false theories about programs and diets, and long, exhausting exercises and plans? What if there was a shortcut that would give you a boost, that would put you on the right track to get from A to B faster than you can imagine?There is such a way. There is an effective method that has been tested and proven over and over again.
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