Bernard Hayes

Indian Mythology

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When we talk about mythology, we often think of the Greeks or the Romans. Many people forget, however, that the historical country India, with more than one billion citizens, has a mythological heritage as well. In this audiobook, we’ll dive deeper into that heritage and the beliefs and religions that have contributed to it.
You’ll hear about things like:
The significance of cows, the multiple arms, and the symbolical color blue in Hindu mythology.The meaning of Namaskar in Hindu mythology. The main characteristics of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and other gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. Some of the most intriguing tales from Hindu mythology. An overview of the Hindu demons. Marriage practices and matrimonies in ancient India.Indian Mythology is an interesting topic for those who try to understand the South Asian culture and come to a more comprehensive level of knowing their background and history.
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