Martin K. Ettingotn

Aliens are Already Among Us

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The focus of this book is on Aliens having visited or living on this Earth. There is lots of evidence that not only are Aliens on Earth during the present, but have been here for thousands if not millions of years.
There are lots of stories and some good evidence that this is all true. Even today there are videos of alien craft, and stories in the news about our government still studying and reporting on Aliens visiting us.
• What is this evidence of Aliens living on the Earth in the past and currently?
• And where do we separate the facts from the fiction?
• What technologies might these Aliens have?
• And how do these beings interact with our civilization?
Lots of information is provided here to help better understand who the aliens are, how many types we know of, and how it might be possible for them to stay hidden on the Earth for thousands of years.
Hope your find all this information interesting and it provides you with some food for thought.

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