Donalie Hartwell

Life is Like a Restaurant ... Full of Choices

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This book is about life choices, and will give you a totally unique way to look at choices and make the best possible ones you can for your life. It is an excellent way for you to propel your life forward., and will give you information to give you a path of being an unlimited individual. It has a proven track record to give your life success, joy, and fulfillment at every level and in every endeavor. It shows you that not only that you can succeed, but how to bring your desires for your life to a place of fulfillment that you long for. It has a unique menu of life to give you ideas on how to take what you want for your life to an outcome of total fulfillment. Just like you go to a restaurant, you can order your life and this book shows you how to do it. It allows you to be a no limit person 24/7, 365 days a year for the rest of your life for the best possible life you can have with no fear and no trepidation, just a clear pathway to choices that will help you fulfill your dreams, wishes and desires. This is one of the few books that the implementation doesn't require a lot of output of your hard-earned dollars. It only requires your ability to order your life and have it fulfilled.
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