C. S Luis

The Director

Dr. Nicholson has arrived in Milton. He’s determined to find the source he’s been in search of, even if his hunter has fallen off his game. Finding a new love interest in Dr. Aaron Spencer was never part of his plan. Despite his best intentions, he can’t leave the other man alone.
Darkness is coming for Claudia Belle and when it arrives, Claudia will discover powers she never knew she had. It’s getting tougher and tougher to hide who she is, especially with Dr. Nicholson trying to take John away from her.
John Slater knows there’s only one way to keep Claudia, but he’ll have to trust the very man who betrayed him to achieve his goals. If all goes according to plan, Claudia and John will have a chance to build a future together, but they will both have to leave behind everything they’ve come to know and love.
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