James G. Wallgren

The Last Tackle

The Last Tackle is an uplifting true story of resiliency and determination against incredible odds.At age fifteen, Jim Wallgren had life figured out, or he thought. He grew up in a middle-class suburban Texas town with dreams of playing football someday at the college ranks. Stable home life, gifted athlete, a very blessed and what seemed like ordinary teenager life. But extreme adversity would not escape him or his family when his future and dreams came into focus. While practicing with his high school football team, Jim made what would be his last tackle that forever changed his life. Instantly paralyzed from the chest down and unable to feel or move. The future that once seemed promising now seemed unimaginable and frightening. Fear, failure, or thinking you are not good enough, then reading this inspirational story will help you realize how much you can achieve if determined.
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