She’s mine for a couple of days, and I’m going to make sure she is safe. Even if it kills me.
Former soldier. Ex-convict. Unapproachable.
Released from prison a little over a month ago, Jack is focused on keeping his act together working odd jobs here and there. When his probation officer lands him a job with politician Simon Beauchamp, Jack is determined to forget his dark past and start over.
Politician’s daughter. Obedient. Cautious.
Abigail is living up to all of the expectations her wealthy father places on her.
Nobody knows that her first and last attempt to escape from this gilded cage almost ended in disaster. Ever since that experience five years ago, she has been desperately trying to find the one who rescued her. When Jack Sinclair walks into her life, Abigail thinks she’s finally found her escape. In him.
As Jack remains tough and dismissive, determined not to get involved with his bosses daughter, Abigail decides to take matters into her own hands, landing her in danger. Will Jack be in time to save her?

The Bodyguard is a romantic suspense short story by USA Today Bestselling Author Jolie Day. No cliffhanger. Warning: Contains mature themes and language.
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Jolie Day
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