Melanie Cellier

Crown of Power

Verene is determined to complete her fourth and final year at the Academy, despite her family's opposition to Darius, and his own obstinance about the future of their relationship. And Darius needs to graduate in order to claim his throne. But with the threat of Conall looming over them, they must be more than just trainees if they hope to save both their kingdoms from the coming war—especially since Verene's abilities may be the only thing that can save them all.
If you enjoy strong heroines, fantasy worlds, adventure, intrigue, and clean romance, then try this new adventure in the world of the Spoken Mage series now!
The Hidden Mage reading order:
Crown of SecretsCrown of DangerCrown of StrengthCrown of PowerVerene lives in a world of written power—a world turned upside down by the first ever Spoken Mage. If you missed the adventures of her mother, Elena, then check out the completed Spoken Mage series, starting with Voice of Power.
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