Frank Savage,Bill Cosby

The Savage Way

The Savage Way recounts the most important challenges and opportunities of Frank Savages lengthy career in business and finance, including investing in Africa, traveling and working in Japan, parallels between success in sailing and in business, and the famous scandals of Enron.  This is a personal memoir on the level of Bloomberg by Bloomberg, opening with Enron, Franks mother as his inspiration, his travels and experience investing in Africa, studying at Howard University, his first banking job at Citibank and afterward in Liberia, Black Capitalism at Equitable, lessons from investing in Africa (Zambia, in particular), working in Japan for Alliance Capital and the discovery of a rogue trader, the collapse of Enron and fall-out from scandal, and Franks days as a competitive yachtsman.   Chapter 1: Too Much Money Chapter 2: Getting In, Struggling out, Getting Right Chapter 3: La Savage, the Source and Inspiration Chapter 4: The Journey to True Origins Chapter 5:  My Journey Deepens Chapter 6: The Longer Road Home Chapter 7: Africa Calls Once Again... Chapter 8: Walking Over A Bridge Not Burned Chapter 9: Sailing LOLITA, Pulling It All Together
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