Mary Patricia

Weight Watchers Air Fryer Cookbook

Do you enjoy cooking healthy foods without any fat or oil? Having an Air Fryer is the answer to all those problems.
I know you are probably thinking but I don’t need any more kitchen appliances. Air fryers can replace an oven and even toasters. I’ve used my air fryer to toast buns, cook burgers, make grilled cheese sandwiches, fish, fries, and vegetables. It is the next best kitchen appliance and I like my air fryer even more than the Instant Pot.
Air frying delivers wonderfully crispy food without all the oil you need for success in regular frying.
This increasingly popular kitchen tool sits on your counter-top and works like a miniature convection oven: Hot air is continuously circulated around whatever food you’ve added to the machine’s cooking basket. The outside of the food achieves crispy, crunchy goodness, while the inside stays perfectly tender.
Air fryers do a great job of delivering the fried food experience without any of the actual frying. To experience the full range of what this little workhorse can do, try out all of the recipes included in this book.
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Mary Patricia


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