Chris Díaz

You Have the Power to Change Your Life: Guide to Live Better: Health, Mind & Soul

Do you want to improve your health and lose weight in an easy and simple way?
Would you like to feel less stress, enjoy the moment or be more positive?
Do you want to be happier and be able to value all the abundance around you?
Health is the natural state of our organism, in full balance and with its capacity for intact and powerful self-healing. Putting into practice some simple techniques it will be something easy to recover, maintain or improve.
Our mind is a powerful tool that sometimes we don't control, in fact, we are controlled by it. Thanks to some practical exercises, we will develop our consciousness and we will be able to work together with it for our happiness, wellness and abundance.
Our soul feels. And when we feel, everything should be fine. And if it's not, it's a result of bad thoughts, which have created negative feelings in us. Our essence knows the way to creativity, joy and love. We must only be aware of what is happening in the now, to remind it of the direction to be taken.
This book is for you if:
You need to recover your health urgently.You want to lose weight or improve your fitness.You wish to have more energy and improve your endurance.You would like to learn more health facts, techniques and tricks.You would love to be more positive and in a better mood.You need to eliminate your stress, anxiety or worries.Sometimes you notice that you lose motivation.You want to feel more and think less.You are not happy despite having "everything".You have decided to cultivate your calm and inner peace.You would like to develop on an emotional or spiritual level.Don't think twice about it and get the best version of yourself now!
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