Ogugua Okeke

Global Warfare: Boost Your Immune System In Order To Survive A Pandemic

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If you want to learn about the history of pandemics/epidemics and ways that you can boost your immune system, then keep listening...

Epidemics and Pandemics

This audiobook delves into the subject matter of deadly pandemics and epidemics over the years, distinguishing each one through causation and mortality rates (such diseases like smallpox, flu, cholera, ebola, aids, swine flu, etc...are mentioned). A timeline is then showed which talks about each epidemic/pandemic spread all around the world, dating back from 3000 B.C to the present times.

The World Health Organisation

They are details on how the World Health Organisation functions and its daily consensus, which are:

Demonstrate leadership on essential health issues and participate in partnerships where joint action is required

Developing the research agenda and promoting the generation, translation, and dissemination of valuable knowledge

Establish norms and standards and promote and monitor their implementation

Formulate ethical and evidence-based policy options

Provide technical support, catalyze change, and build sustainable institutional capacity

Monitor the health situation and take health trends into account.

Boost Your Immune System

There are details on how to boost your immune system especially if you are 65 years and over, or if you have an underlying medical condition. In this section, I talk about ways of boosting one's immune system with natural supplements and other behavioral activities.
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