Charles Eisenstein

The Coronation

Renowned public speaker, bestselling author, social critic, and activist Charles Eisenstein offers a way forward from our present moment through a series of unforgettable essays that give us a new model of sense-making. Through a series of piercing essays, The Coronation takes listeners through the initiation of the Covid era?exploring topics like despair, hope, courage, division, and reunion?in this stunning collection. Paired with each essay is the author’s commentary locating the essay in a social, political, and spiritual journey. After all, it wasn’t only outward normality that the pandemic disrupted. Of all the social crises that COVID-19 has revealed, The Coronation addresses the most profound: the crisis in our sense-making. An old reality has disintegrated. This book reveals just how deep that breakdown is. Acknowledging it, we might build something more sound, more whole, and more sane. Underneath the shifting sands of the arguments and narratives, something else calls to us: the possibility of renewal, a revolution in the agreements and myths that organize society. *Individually, these essays have been read, shared, and discussed by tens of thousands of people around the globe, but they are collected together here for the first time!
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