National Velvet

Mr Punch Presents: NATIONAL VELVET, telling the story of Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor), the idealistic English farm girl with a passion for horses, who wins the spirited steed ‘Pie’ in the local town lottery. Her infectious enthusiasm encourages the embittered jockey Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) to train the horse ‘Pie’ for the Grand National - England's greatest racing event. Recreated for radio with the original stars.

This high-quality audiobook has been re-mastered and re-edited from the original radio broadcast.

Also available as part of the Hollywood Playhouse BOX SET, a collection of 14 Oscar winning ear-movies, adapted from the original screenplays & performed for the radio by many of the original film stars in front of a live studio audience.

"These radio dramas were….to become as popular as the movies themselves." Hollywood Movie Memories

"This is an excellent audio product that will appeal to the majority of audiobook listeners." Talking Business
"A lovely series to add to any film, audio or crime lovers’ collection." Audio World
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