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Dash Diet Explained

Dash Diet Explained: The Comprehensive Guide to DASH Diet for Beginners, Learn How To Effectively Lower Your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure in Natural Ways
The state of obesity in the world today is a concern for all governments especially those in developed countries. Despite the efforts these governments have taken, the epidemic seems to become more serious. It affects both children as well as adults. The main reason for the growth of this epidemic is a lack of proper nutrition knowledge among the people. Most of the people have limited physical exercise as children spend a lot of time playing video and internet games or watching television. Obesity increases the risk of having diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases.
This audiobook will teach you all about the DASH diet that will help you start eating healthier food. You will learn what this diet is all about and all its benefits that can help you lose weight or prevent obesity plus all of the other benefits of eating a diet that consists of food rich in proteins and contains limited sugar, red meat and sweetened beverages.
This audiobook will cover the following topics:
What is a DASH DietThe History of the DASH DietIncorporating the DASH Diet to Your LifestyleWhat to Eat and What to AvoidA Day in the Life of a DASH DietHow to Shop for Groceries on the DASH DietHow to Eat at Restaurants on the DASH DietAnd many more!The DASH diet is becoming extremely popular among the health-conscious people, mainly because it does not need any special recipes and meals. If you want to learn more, download your copy of Dash Diet Explained today!
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