David Serero

Operation Odessa

The true story of a Russian Mobster (Ludwig Fainberg a.k.a "Tarzan"), Cuban Spy, Miami Playboy, who hustled the Russian Mafia, the Cali Cartel, Pablo Escobar, the D.E.A., by selling a Soviet Submarine to the Columbian Drug Cartel for $35 million in the 1990s. It was the crazy life of a Jewish man from Odessa (Ukraine) who became a Russian Mobster, hustled the Cali Cartel, and was arrested by the D.E.A. while buying a…Soviet submarine to help the Colombian cartel to smuggle drugs into the United States. You'll read this story as a fascinating thriller, which truly deserves to be adapted as a feature film as it combines all the required elements to make it a perfect one. This story will take you to Odessa (Ukraine), New York, Miami, Moscow, Bogota, Panama, and more, in the craziness of the 1990s. If you're a fan of the T.V. series such as Narcos, then this story is for you! You'll discover the genuine life of Ludwig Fainberg (a.k.a TARZAN), getting very creative (with always a lot of comedy!) about saving his life and used his « chutzpah » to come out of the most complex situations.
Written by David Serero.
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David Serero


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